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Cigars & Cobblestones

In Antigua, where cobblestones grace,

Uwe and Lyne found dreams in the city's embrace,

From distant lands, a union took form,

In a tale where cigars elegantly adorn.

In a lounge, exhaling smokes, their paths aligned,

A bond sealed with affection for cigars, refined.

From distant lands, they journeyed their way,

To Guatemala’s warm embrace, there to stay.

Amidst Antigua’s cobblestone paths, they found delight, 

Uwe and Lyne, an ecstatic sight.

Past lives of business and design's grand flair,

Now immersed in Antigua's tender care.

Their hearts may wander to distant lands,

But Guatemala's embrace is where affection stands.

Cherished by each resident’s smiling face,

Their lounge a haven, a truly treasured space.

Nicaraguan notes with a Honduran blend,

Their lounge blessed, where friendships extend.

Yet, amidst each billow and smoky hue,

Guatemala holds their hearts ever true.

Expat royalty in Antigua's fair clime,

Their kindness and warmth, like a melodious chime.

In the cigar's swirl, in each puff's delight,

Uwe and Lyne's tale, a captivating sight.

In Guaté rhythm, their dreams gently unfurl,

Uwe and Lyne, in an expat swirl,

With cigars and love, they weave their art,

Their Antigua tale, a pulsating heart.

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