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Uwe and Lyne


Nestled in the heart of Guatemala's crown jewel of colonial architecture, Antigua Cigars stands tall as a sanctuary for cigar aficionados from around the world.


The story begins over two decades ago in Canada, where Uwe Schiffke and Lyne Bissonnette ignited their twenty-year romance over cigars.


The couple moved to Antigua following careers in business, engineering, and fashion, founding their club and cigar brand in 2004.

Antigua Cigars features an extensive selection of Central American-crafted cigar brands, and act as official dealers for Aganorsa, Placensia, and JFR.


Complementing their portfolio of name brand cigars, Antigua Cigars proudly boasts of a wide variety of house cigars, featuring Red Label selections from Nicaragua and Green Label Honduran varieties.

Antigua Cigars invites connoisseurs to savor the rich flavors of Central American tobacco, offering a blend of cosmopolitanism and tradition in the heart of Guatemala´s oldest city.

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